Testimonial – Garden Room Project

We chose HGT to build a 20 square metre garden room that had long been our ambition.  This followed a tendering process and an opportunity to visit a house that HGT was building in the neighbourhood.  We were hugely impressed by the quality of workmanship that we saw and the very positive and professional attitude of the company owner, John Sayers.  As there was little difference between the tender bids this impression greatly influenced our decision.

Over the next few months we got to know John Sayers and the HGT workforce extremely well.  We can only say positive things about all our experiences despite the project turning out to have a number of unusual features and some unexpected difficulties.  Every single person who worked on the project was cheerful, reliable and committed to a very high standard of finish.  Although the work took place during the winter of 2013- 2014 not a day’s work was missed and everything progressed as planned.  John was on site most days, always had a helpful conversation with us and ensured that materials and solutions to problems were always made available immediately.

As we also needed some landscaping done on completion of the project we were more than pleased to ask HGT to extend the contract and do this work for us.  The result was way beyond our expectations and we were thrilled to have a delightful new room in a remodelled garden that was all in perfect order and ready to use immediately on the intended date.

We will be very pleased to show our garden room to any prospective HGT customers that wish to form their own view of the company.  Please make arrangements through John Sayers to make a visit.

Peter and Joan Hare