Large Extension of country cottage


The exiting house was a small 2 bed foresters cabin, The client wanted to keep the original building but develop the property into a luxury family home. All the new build was finished to match the original style of the house, and many of the original features were stripped out stored and built into the new development. The finished development consisted of 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a 45m2 family living space, a second lounge, utility room wit underfloor heating and Ilite lighting management system and heated via a log burner capable of running the whole house heating systems with dual fuel via propane gs boiler. The build ws sympathetic to the original build with the external envelope consisting over timer cladding and roof built from reclaimed Kent pegs. In large landscaped gardens.


The extension went over the house well

On the Ground floor the main living space was a 45m2 room with a large bespoke kitchen, lounge and dining room all in one room with the original well extended out of the ground and turned into a feature and breakfast bar. The dining room section was beneath a double pitched roof built with Oak beams and including Shucco automated opening roof light within the Oak framed roof with all detail design by HGT Construction.

Structural Oak beams in new build main bedroom

The new build main bedroom, original design had a traditional flat ceiling with structural steels concealed above. HGT developed the design, and installed structural Oak timbers and sloping ceilings with a detailed lighting schemes and Oak cupboards, The oak was purchased as beams with all joinery and carpentry work completed on site by our own skilled carpenters. The whole house was on an Ilite lighting system allowing all lighting and electrical devices and CCTV systems to be pre programmed onto numerous scenarios and also operated remotely.

The Well

We built a well into the house! This original feature was buried below the ground, we matched the original brickwork and bricks and extended the well up into the living space to form a glass topped breakfast bar with lighting showing the feature well. The extended well was built out of hand made bricks and lime putty, The water and existing bricks were cleaned via a mountaineering abseiling team and a pump installed in the base to enable water to stay crystal clear and also linked into the garden irrigation system.